Netflix Headspace
Learn how to sleep better with Headspace. Each episode unpacks misconceptions, offers friendly tips and concludes with a guided wind-down.​​​​​​
Tired but wired? Unpack the causes of insomnia and transform the way you deal with stress.  At the end, let go with wind-down's visualization.
Animation created by: Strange Beast Tv.
Directors: Daniel Stankler, Tom McCarten.
Executive Producer: Kitty Turley.
Producer: Lousie Simpson, Danai Katopodi, Maria Kolandawel.
Art Direction: Daniel Stankler, Tom McCarten.
Lead Compositor: Aaron Amor.
Compositing: Corinne Ladeinde, Federico Parodi, Nicholas Canticus, Linus Kraemer.
Lead Animator: Maki Yoshikura.
Animators: Michelle Brand Nicky Francis, Anita Gill, Yino Haun, Frankie Swan.
Clean Up: Zohar Dvir, Maddy Hope, Simona Mehanszhieva, Lily Shaul, Sorrel Milne, Lydia Reid, Martha Halliday, Freddie Griffiths.
Motion Graphics: Paul Goldsmith, Alon Silva.