CTCP ‘The Little Big Lie’
Parallel Teeth collaborated with agency Duncan Channon to create the Undo campaign for the California Tobacco Control Program.
'Harm' and 'Industry Deceit' are a series of powerful films and bold illustrations, the project lays bare the deceit of the tobacco industry and the corrosive effect that microplastics from cigarette filters have on our environment. The campaign includes digital OOH and murals painted with eco-friendly paint.

Production Company: Strange Beast
Director: Parallel Teeth
Executive Producer: Zoe Muslim
Producer: Melissa Bel Gil, Becky Perryman, Amy Ashton
Production Assistant: Maria Kolandawel
Creative Lead: Matt Lloyd
Character Design: Parallel Teeth
Concept Art: Parallel Teeth, Matt Lloyd, Lina Li, Caitlin McCarthy, Sacha Beeley,
Storyboard: Barry Reynolds
Lead Animator: Matt Lloyd & Matt Partridge
Animators: Matt Lloyd, Frankie Swan, Sean Weston, Maki Yoshikura, Campbell Hartley, Harriet, Gillian, Matt Partridge, Jordan Haynes
Lead Clean-Up & Colouring: Eloise Garlick & Zohar Dvir
Clean Up & Colouring: Eloise Garlick, Lily Shaul, Daisy Holland, Peter Chownsmith, Zohar Dvir, Simona Mehandzhieva
Compositing: Corinne Ladeinde, Aaron Amor, Tom Fisher