The Pit
'The Pit' is the new track by Doctor P and Adam F featuring none other than Wu-Tang Clan master Method Man. The animated epic is set in a post-apocalyptic where only Doctor P, Adam F, and Method Man can save the zombified ravers from the perils of The Pit.
Directed: Mike Tyler and Richard Payne
Produced: Richard Payne
Illustration and art direction: Adam Relf
3D modelling and animation: Aaron Amor
Exec Producer: Callum Gordon
Written and composited: Mike Tyler
2D Backgrounds: John Lane
Robot Modelling and positioning reference: Simon Zaurrini
Robots Illustrated: Agri Kurniawan, Eko Puteh and Zefanya Langkan Maega
Cel Frame Fx: Mathieu Scanlon, Kimberly Ray, John Lane, and Adam Relf
Colour Grading: Josh Callis-Smith and Mike Tyler
Production Assistant: Kaelan Ratcliffe
Reference photography: Mike Tyler
Sound Design: Tom Smith

NYC Independent film selection