RTE Rugby
WindMillLane studios collaborated with RTE to develop and create the overall look and feel of RTE Sport's 2022 rugby broadcast output. This consisted of two key motion design components; the main titles sequence and the studio digital wall design.
Opening title sequence and digital studio
Celebrating heroism and glory with RTE as the national home of rugby. A central figurative sculpture represents the essence of rugby. Polished stone, exposed rough rock, and bronze; The rough and the smooth of the modern game.
Client: RTE
RTE Design: Paul Gibney
Creative Director: Donal O'Keeffe, Manus Goan
Producers: Emily Bourke, Talma O'Sullivan
Production company: WindMillLane Studios
Designers: Manus Goan, Donal O'Keeffe, Aaron Amor, Ingrid Tsy
Digital Sculpture: Ingrid Tsy
Sound Design: RTE Audio